I was born in Holland, I am a lawyer by profession (allthough I hardly remember both things) and a self-taught photographer, who spent the last fifteen years portraying the Andaluz countryside. I began with photography as a way of sharing my experiences in the mountains but soon took on photography as a profession leading to the publication of six books, the last of which was called “Flow...and resist!”.

They say that the central theme in my work is the landscape, portrayed at the moment when it shows the photographer all the essence of its beauty, trying to convey the sensations that the natural places evoke me and reflect in my images a special interest in accentuating the ghostly, magical and mystical element of the landscapes. I Consider nature, apart from being a place of great beauty, at the same time as a place of empowerment of people, a scenario where to (re)find the most human, generous and creative part of us, as well as a place to regain or become the main character of one´s own life. In this way Nature and its stays in it also serve to broaden our horizons and as the basis for a much-needed transformation of this world.

I often remain in the landscapes for a number of days, sleeping outdoors so that I can feel closely connected to the landscape and thus, able to give greater depth to the photographs.

This way of “living” nature photography has given me a great knowledge about the Andalusian landscapes and its most interesting moments (in terms of composition, light and its hour, atmosphere…) experience which I share  in the photographic tours and workshops I offer by my company Al Andalus Photo Tour.

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